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What if it doesn’t start spontaneously?

40% of women will experience a miscarriage within a week. If there are no other problems, you can wait as long as you want. If the miscarriage does not start spontaneously and you do not want to wait any longer or it does not progress smoothly, we can refer you to a gynecologist.

Usually, another ultrasound is performed to see what your uterus looks like and whether the embryo is still in the uterus. Depending on what is seen, the best treatment option to allow the miscarriage to continue will be decided together with you. The gynecologist will discuss the following options with you:

Medication that you insert vaginally yourself. Click here for more information.

The uterus is emptied with a suction tube via your cervix. This is done under anesthesia. Click here for more information.

The choice is yours. Both treatments have advantages and disadvantages that we or the gynecologist will discuss with you. There is always an intermediate solution possible, such as waiting for a while. If it does not start spontaneously, you can still choose the medication or curettage.

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