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How does labor start?

  • With bloody mucus discharge

This is called “show”. You lose some blood mixed with mucus, like you’re about to start your period. This doesn’t always mean that you’re going to give birth right away, but it’s clear that your body is preparing for labor. So, wait and see. If you’re not sure, you can always call us to discuss it. If you have more blood loss than a full sanitary pad, it keeps running, or you’re worried, please call us!

  • Contractions

Contractions are strong contractions of your uterus. Your stomach becomes a hard ball, which lasts for about a minute. After a minute, your stomach relaxes and becomes soft again. A few minutes later, the next contraction comes. In the days leading up to labor, you may already notice some light, irregular cramps.

  • Broken waters

Your waters can break at any time: before contractions start, during dilation contractions, or when pushing begins. Breaking your waters is not painful. You may hear or feel a “pop,” and then fluid will leak out. You can’t stop this from happening. Sometimes it’s a big gush all at once, but it can also be that you lose a little bit of fluid at a time. Try to catch it. You can catch the amniotic fluid in a sanitary pad, which you then put in a tied plastic bag or keep in a clean sealed jar. Sometimes you may not be sure if you’re losing amniotic fluid, as you may also have some urine leakage or thin discharge. Just wait and see for a while: urine leakage is short-lived, while amniotic fluid continues to leak. If you’re unsure, call us to discuss.
Amniotic fluid is usually clear, whitish, or slightly pink. This is normal. Call us to let us know that your waters have broken. If your waters break at night and you have no contractions yet, you can call us the next morning. We’ll come to you to check if it’s amniotic fluid that you’re losing and how you and your baby are doing. If the amniotic fluid is green or brown, it may mean that your baby is no longer comfortable in your belly. You should call us immediately, and we’ll come to see you right away. Call us immediately if your baby has not yet engaged.

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