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After the cervix softens, centers, and thins out, the dilation starts and the cervix gradually opens up. When the cervix is fully dilated, it measures 10 centimeters and the cervix can no longer be felt. The path is clear, and pushing can begin. In a second or subsequent child, the thinning of the cervix and dilation often occur at the same time, which can make the dilation process faster. Dilation occurs in two stages: the latent and active phases. As your dilation progresses, contractions become stronger and more frequent. The contractions will also become more painful as you move further into the dilation.

Positions for coping with contractions

During labor, changing positions can help facilitate contractions and give the baby as much room as possible to move down. Choose a position that you feel most comfortable with.

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The office can be reached 24 hours a day on telephone number: 074-2421910. For delivery and other urgent matters, calls can be made at any time. For questions or to make an appointment, our assistants are available Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM and Friday 12:00 PM. So for non-urgent matters it is most appreciated to call within these times. If we cannot be reached, we can always be called through the hospital in case of emergencies, telephone number: 088-708 78 78. We do consultations on alternating days and have an evening consultation every week in Delden, Boekelo, Beckum, Bentelo and Deurningen.

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