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There are several types of IUDs that you can have inserted, namely a hormonal IUD or a non-hormonal IUD. You can come to us for both types of IUDs. It is important that you choose what suits you and what you consider important. For more information about the different IUDs, click here.


We insert an IUD from 12 weeks after childbirth or in the first days of your menstrual cycle for women who have never given birth. The appointment for inserting an IUD takes about 40 minutes. We recommend that you take a painkiller about an hour before the appointment. You may experience some cramps after the insertion of the IUD, and the painkiller will help reduce the sharp edges. After inserting the IUD, you may experience some bleeding, so don’t forget to bring a sanitary pad.

After an introductory conversation, we usually start with an internal examination to feel for the position of your cervix. Then we carefully and at your own pace insert the speculum so that we can see your cervix well. Using a pair of forceps, we grab your cervix and measure the length of your uterus with a thin rod. We insert this measuring rod through your cervix into your uterus. It creates space for the IUD, and we know at what depth we should place the IUD. The IUD is inserted using an insertion tube. When the IUD is in the right place, we remove the insertion tube and cut the threads to the correct length.

After insertion

After every insertion, we check with an ultrasound whether the IUD is in the right place in your uterus. After insertion, you may experience some dull lower abdominal pain and bleeding. Both will decrease on their own, but both the abdominal pain and the bleeding can recur in the first 3-6 months. Your body needs to get used to the IUD. It may also happen that the bleeding does not stop in between and that you continue to bleed for a few weeks. Six weeks after the insertion, you will return to us to discuss any complaints and we will check with the ultrasound if the IUD is still in the right place. A hormonal IUD can remain in place for a maximum of 5 years, and the T-safe copper IUD for a maximum of 10 years.

Removing or replacing the IUD

You can also come to us to have the IUD removed, of course. Do you want to replace it with a new one? Let us know when making the appointment. You will receive a prescription from us. Removing the old IUD and inserting the new one can be done in one appointment.

Practical info

The office can be reached 24 hours a day on telephone number: 074-2421910. For delivery and other urgent matters, calls can be made at any time. For questions or to make an appointment, our assistants are available Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM and Friday 12:00 PM. So for non-urgent matters it is most appreciated to call within these times. If we cannot be reached, we can always be called through the hospital in case of emergencies, telephone number: 088-708 78 78. We do consultations on alternating days and have an evening consultation every week in Delden, Boekelo, Beckum, Bentelo and Deurningen.

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