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The Christmas dinner

We are back in the last and most enjoyable month of the year! Enjoy the pleasant days with family and friends with your (future) family! Tasty food and drink is also part of it and that is exactly where it is. Often the Christmas dinner consists of many delicious things that you should not eat when you are pregnant, such as raw meat (think of carpaccio, medium steak, ox sausage), raw fish (sushi, smoked salmon) or a homemade tiramisu (raw egg) for dessert. On the site of the nutrition center you can find good information about what you can and cannot eat during pregnancy, see nutrition list. Furthermore, it is sometimes difficult to skip a glass of bubbles or a glass of red wine, but of course it is very important not to drink alcohol when you are pregnant! See why on this link:

But the most important thing for everyone, enjoy a warm, cozy and loving December!